Danish Water Technology

It has always been our ambition in Denmark to find and develop better, cheaper and more efficient ways to handle drinking water and wastewater.

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Use of water reservoirs
for energy storage

The WISE software from Sweco, controls and optimizes entire water production systems. It plans production on each of the individual water treatment plants according to forecast of energy prices as an add-on to any SCADA system.

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Green energy

Many water utilities will be able to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing their ratio of utilisation of green energy from wind turbines, solar panels or water turbines etc. Investments in renewables will generate savings on energy and improve the CO2 account.

Energy storage

Water reservoirs can be utilised to generate hydro-based energy. They are typically established in elevated locations in the supply area and can be used as potential energy storage.

Sweco has developed the WISE operating software programme, which consists of a Smart-Grid adapted to the needs of water utilities. The entire production apparatus is automated which reduces both costs and the CO2 footprint generated by water production.

Reduce energy costs by 20%

When prices on electricity markets are low, production at the waterworks is increased and water reservoirs will be filled with water.

When prices increase, the software reduces the output of pumps and consumers will be supplied with water from the elevated tanks.

The result is a reduction of the energy costs of the waterworks by up to about 20 percent.

Fully automated

WISE can be used for waterworks based on either groundwater or surface water. Further cost reductions are possible – the system is fully automated, and this will reduce the need for manual monitoring.

It is a valuable tool for water utilities regardless of whether priority is given to financial concerns, carbon footprint or water quality.

WISE has been developed by Sweco in collaboration with VCS Denmark, Aarhus Water, and Greater Copenhagen Utility