Danish Water Technology

It has always been our ambition in Denmark to find and develop better, cheaper and more efficient ways to handle drinking water and wastewater.

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Intelligent control of well fields

uGraph Water Abstraction is a software, that automates and optimizes well field operation as an add-on to any type of SCADA system. Huge energy savings can be expected.

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Control multiple borewells

uGraph Water Abstraction is a unique tool for controlling multiple borewells in well fields. The system is fully automated and operates online. It sets a new standard for well field control systems. uGraph WaterAbstraction collects and processes data from multiple borewells simultaneously.


For example:

  • Measurement of ground water levels in separate wellheads
  • Water pressure and flow
  • Energy consumption

The program calculates:

  • Pump characteristics
  • Friction in the pipe network
  • Drawdown in the aquifer

Minimise energy consumption

The processing of data in the system makes it possible to optimise and coordinate the operation of separate pumps to minimise energy consumption. The system is documented to have generated energy savings of up to 35%. The system controls the output and operation of each pump, and ensures that the abstraction of water from the well field is optimised continuously.

Optimize management of water extraction

uGraph WaterAbstraction also optimises management of some of the key parameters of water extraction: Sustainability, Environmental impact, Carbon footprint and conservation of resources:

  •  The system provides tools for avoiding overexploitation of given water resources, which also minimises the risk of compromising water quality in a well field.
  • It calculates the environmental impact of the activities on the well field and nearby rivers or lakes.
  • It calculates the quality of raw water, making it possible to react promptly to changes that require changes in the treatment of the water.
  • The system controls daily operations and provides data for planning the most optimal maintenance frequency of the system
  • Furthermore, the system makes it possible to minimise the carbon footprint of operations in the well field


uGraph Water Abstraction is user-friendly – it is designed to be used by field operators, and does not require more than basic insight into well field operations. The system has been developed by Orbicon in collaboration with VCS Denmark, Aarhus Water, and Greater Copenhagen Utility as well as the Technical University of Denmark.