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Optimum rehabilitation
of water distribution networks

WaterRehab is a new GIS-based software tool, supporting the rehabilitation planning by analyzing the need for rehabilitation of the drinking water pipelines based on technical, financial, socio-economic and strategic conditions.

This product is not yet commercially available.

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The pipe system

The physical distribution system connecting waterworks and consumers constitutes the single most costly and resource demanding element in water supply. The physical pipe system typically constitutes about 70% of the fixed assets. Substantial investments have been made in the distribution system, and this means that a lot of effort is put into maintaining and monitoring the system.

Optimize decision-making

WaterRehab provides the user with a comprehensive overview of the physical status of the distribution system. Technical, financial and strategic parameters are included to optimise cost effectiveness and to optimise decision-making in relation to maintenance, restoration and renewal of the system.

Include socio-economic factors

WaterRehab represents a giant step towards a much more objective and reliable basis for decision-making to the benefit of owners, consumers and society in general.

WaterRehab is the only tool that includes socio-economic factors such as traffic disturbance and special considerations for particularly vulnerable customers such as hospitals, shopping centres, etc.

Simulate scenarios

WaterRehab is a new tool that will improve the planning of future rehabilitation or maintenance projects. WaterRehab makes it possible for decision-makers and planning personnel to simulate different scenarios and calculate the effects of various activities, before committing to a final decision. Parameters may include elements such as: time schedule, budget and specifically selected data.

Scenarios could include:

  • Prioritisation of pre-selected projects for the budget year to come (set up in a 1-year time frame)
  • Planning of potential excavation projects in cooperation with other utility companies (set up in a 5 year time frame).
  • Or long term strategic rehabilitation of the distribution system on 20-year scale, including both human and financial resources.

A milestone

WaterRehab is a milestone in the field of water supply. Positive results have already been obtained in a number of water utilities that use the system as a tool in their daily operations.

RenoWater was developed by Niras & Envidan in collaboration with VCS Denmark and Aarhus Water.