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It has always been our ambition in Denmark to find and develop better, cheaper and more efficient ways to handle drinking water and wastewater.

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Water Manager

Real-time interpretation of
water quality measurements

Water Manager is a cloud-based software to monitor and interpret online water quality measurements from treatment plants. The results are presented to the operator as simple alarms and graphical figures.

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Optimize daily operations

The number of online water-quality measurements carried out at waterworks has increased dramatically over the last decades. The substantial amount of data that is collected every day provides valuable information that may be used to improve and optimise the daily operations of waterworks in general.

Coordinate relevant data

Water Manager is a cloud-based software programme, which collects, refines and co-ordinates relevant data from the waterworks, providing operational staff with a whole range of new tools for optimising daily operations.

The “Water Manager” uploads collected data to the cloud, and algorithms are used to process the information. The processed data is sent back to the main server at the waterworks – or it can be distributed to selected computers or mobile devices.

Graphical information

Information is presented graphically in real-time, via simple and easily accessible images.

Information could include:

  • Early Warnings – alerting staff to unexpected events and operational deviations.
  • Analyses to detect slow and gradual changes in the efficiency of the waterworks.
  • Alerts of errors in the system requiring immediate action.

Further potential

The system was developed as a tool to support daily operations, but it has potential for further usage. The collected data may be used to:

  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Strengthen security of supply.
  • Optimise and improve the system or improve the quality of potable water.

The Water Manager has been developed by Kruger in collaboration with VCS Denmark, Aarhus Water, and the Technical University of Denmark.